A-Softech Methodologies: SAP ACTIVATE for Customers or Partners

A-Softech Methodologies

In A-Softech, we use SAP Activate in customer projects i.e. we define service offerings based on SAP Activate which Is the innovation adoption framework that expedites SAP S/4 HANA implementations throughout the customer lifecycle

Supports faster, less service intensive deployments and is aiming at rapid adoption of innovations throughout the entire product lifecycle

Supports different starting point for customers to adopt SAP S/4 HANA for new implementations, system conversions and landscape transformation scenarios

Also, it effectively builds and manage own reference content Leverage SA s content architecture and tool kits to develop own model companies based on SAP Activate content Content lifecycle management allows efficient maintenance of partner Reference content.

Recommend Approach for SAP S/4HANA deployments with SAP Activate

As the adoption of SAP S/4HANA grows we must all be aware of the best way to make the change. SAP Activate has been developed with the same running simple mantra as other modern SAP software, and its .

combination of SAP Best Practices, guided configuration, and methodology will ensure a smooth transition into the next generation business suite. SAP Activate is a successor of the ASAP and SAP Launch methodology, and as such, is the one methodology for any deployment mode you choose to take with SAP S/4HANA .

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