Precision Agriculture System

A software created by professionals with extensive experience in Agriculture Research, Agriculture Operations Management and Agriculture Software Implementation and Delivery.

Precision Agriculture System*

Precision Agriculture System a software solution. As its name conveys it is designed by experts with over 30 years of experience in Systems, Agriculture, Operations. it is a package that covers the complete process of Agriculture operations for the growth of a crop from land selection, seed planting, crop growth management, crop protection and harvest. It does this with precision control of all Agronomy, inputs, nutrients to optimize costs and productivity

Product Coverage

Field Crops

Sugar Solution


Precision Agriculture System an Enabler

A-Softech brings to you A Team


  • > Agriculture Mobile Application for out-growers and Farm Owners
  • > RFID and Mobile Devices
  • > Integration with Any ERP
  • > Vendor Invoice Management
  • > E-Invoice
  • > Commodity Management

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