SAP Application Management Services

In today’s era of innovations especially in technology which led to extensive transformation to the conventional way of doing business. So, to poise the enterprise needs which are due to the occurrence of real time responsiveness, storage and retrieval of high volume data, social integration, mobility and Cloud we need to map the rapid business transformation to overcome from outcomes. The Business needs to capture and cultivate growth and hence need a partner with the ability to proactively craft winning business outcomes.

A-softech helps enterprises find out new ways of doing business better and effectively. We believe that to be future-ready and customer centric, enterprises must embrace the benefits of technology to 'Differentiate at the Front' and 'Standardize at the core'.

A-softech has been partnering with leading global organizations in their transformation journey helping them deploy easy-to-use business platforms through rapid and controlled deployment options. Our focus on creating business value begins with implementing the right technology to support the right business case along with SAP.

A-softech has also built a large set of templates and accelerators to speed up implementation ensuring the quality of deliverables. Our multi-faceted relationship with SAP as a vendor, partner and a customer has lasted over a decade and has added tremendous value for our customers.

Value preposition A-softech

A-softech s SAP enterprise solutions provides benefit to enterprises from simplified technology landscapes, integrated processes, streamlined operations and improved agility and performance.

Our potential benefits:

  • We help leading organizations gain greater insight into their business planning and consolidation activities.
  • Our SAP TSW Solution enables Mining and Oil and Gas industries to optimize real time stock projection to achieve better view of stock for customer delivery or inbound and outbound logistics activities.
  • Our Commodity Pricing Engine provides Mining , Oil and Gas and Metal industries to optimize the pricing techniques.
  • Our SAP EWM solution helps tackle these challenges with its replicable, adoptable and preconfigured design. It addresses the issues of high cost of ownership and low productivity to help you maximize the value of your IT investments.
  • This is the core of every organization’s IT structure. You need to address evolving technology and business dexterity while containing costs. Mann-India’s Enterprise Application Services practice can assist your transformation initiatives through Enterprise Resource Planning, Supply Chain Management, Customer Relationship Management, Human Capital Management and Application Management Services. Our strategic partnerships with all major enterprise software vendors help us recommend the best fit for your organization.
  • Application Management Services. Our strategic partnerships with all major enterprise software vendors help us recommend the best fit for your organization.

Work with a A-softech s team that has relevant industry experience and a proven track record in project delivery. Projects that lack the right implementation team face an increased chance of budget overruns, delayed rollouts, excessive system downtime, or complete failure. This is why our program revolves around the quality of our consultants.

We take great care in creating the right team for your business from a pool of talented consultants who can draw upon industry-specific experience in similar projects, and who offer a proven track record in project delivery.

In addition, cost-effectiveness and on-time delivery is a major feature of A-softech s. Based on your business goals and operational processes, We provides best solution with right approach for you, and manage our costs very carefully, to ensure that you get the best possible implementation engagement with us.

Why Choose A-softech Implementation services over other s?
  • We have a team of consultants that has relevant industry experience on different verticals and a proven track record in project delivery.
  • Minimize the risk, disruption and coordinate with all scenarios with highly experienced, fully qualified SAP Consultants.
  • Get full value from your SAP investment.
  • End-to-end implementation program from design through to user training.
  • Use of common reusable components reduces costs.
  • High adoption and satisfaction levels through extensive user acceptance testing and training.
  • Accelerated implementation time get up and running in just a few weeks.
  • Reduced implementation costs with a mix of onsite and virtual resource delivery.
  • Improved delivery efficiency with pre-assembled and pre-engineered components.
  • Higher, more consistent delivery quality via process templates, tools, and accelerators.
  • Faster adoption of the latest innovative solutions and technologies.
SAP Upgrades

A-softech s SAP ERP Upgrade brings together proven methodology and experience in upgrading to SAP ERP.

Enterprise Core Component ECC 6.0 SAP upgrades begin with a revaluation of the landscape present in your organization. With our expertise in Upgradation, the revaluation of the present landscape ensures that it is aligned with your organization s strategic roadmap. With careful analysis of the current landscape of organization s ERP we can help organization to manage the issue successfully and deliver the upgraded ERP on scheduled timelines.

Types of SAP Upgrades

A-softech s handles three types of upgrades which add value to the SAP investment of any customer. These are:

Technical Upgrades

The objective of a technical upgrade is to achieve all goals that are within easy reach while minimizing impact on the business.

Functional Upgrades

A functional upgrade s objective is to improve the business processes of the organization, in addition to the upgrade of its technical environment.

Strategic Upgrades

The objective of a strategic upgrade is to ensure the adoption and deployment of web services, i.e. Enterprise Service-Oriented Architecture (ESOA), to create immediate differentiation and competitive advantages for an organization.

Advantages after Upgradation

With A-softech s intelligent expertise on planning of Upgradation there is a significant reduction in your total cost to upgrade by up to 40%. Some of the most common reasons and associated drivers for an upgrade are the following.

  • Business challenges and business user demand for new functionality to improve operational excellence, enable innovation, and support new business models
  • Flexibility for future innovations (without disruption)
  • Stay in compliance with regulations and ensure business and system stability
  • Cost optimization

Many companies are already active in markets that are becoming increasingly important, such as China, Eastern Europe, South America or US. However, in many cases their subsidiaries use local applications or spreadsheets to run their business. Large synergies and efficiency gains can be achieved by using a central globally integrated ERP solution. This has the advantage of leveraging already proven processes enabling business growth on a stable, transparent and solid basis and reducing overall IT cost.

Together with A-softech we can achieve this goal by addressing the key challenges:

A-softech Mobile Offerings advantage
  • Local regulatory and tax compliance, hard requirements vs. nice to have
  • Roll out strategy and roll out management.
  • Global master data harmonization/consolidation.
  • Legacy data migration with advance tools.

A-softech has offices in South America and Central America, and has its own subsidiaries and cooperation’s in emerging markets like China, India, Brazil, Central Europe and Russia.

We already successfully advised many internationally operating companies on the implementation of SAP and additional IT issues in their foreign subsidiaries. Our SAP team of experts consists of more than 50 highly qualified employees.

As a trusted partner we deliver guidance at home...

A-softech supports global companies at their headquarters by providing strategic guidance and coordination of SAP global roll out initiatives:

  • Global roll out strategy
  • Roll out Road Map definition
  • Global Template design
  • Coordination and Program Management
  • Global Template maintenance
Our Roll-out approach

The roll-outs will include overall project planning, template creation and project execution. In the planning phase, we mutually agree on and specify a joint project organization to facilitate implementation at each of the client s site.

The roll-out is scheduled in accordance to the company’s general requirement. The available resources with the client are taken into account and gaps are filled with appropriate consultancy expertise. Gap analysis, change requests etc are taken into consideration to check for deviations from the template.

Support is scheduled right from the beginning of the project. In the template creation phase, we configure a reproducible model which contains the template transactions, functions, programs and customized settings. The Business process master list lists all the template transactions and functions and key documents for all phases of the project (gap analysis, integration test and handover to support team.

Data Migration: Standardized tools and programs accelerate data transfer in every roll-out project and improve quality. Documentation of the template processes: Documentation facilitates familiarization with the new system.

Our roll-out process will:
  • Enable Cross Entity Enterprise business flows.
  • Implement a common compliance strategy across the globe and manage cost of compliance
  • Improve supply-chain visibility across third party suppliers and contract manufacturers.
  • Change Management
  • Allow cost containment and timeline improvement
  • Platform Harmonization and Consolidation resulting in accurate transaction capture and business information provision
  • Full integration of geographically spread operations & effective enforcement of corporate decisions

With A-softech the SAP Support is a more flexible way of managing, enhancing and optimizing available SAP business applications. Asoftech s SAP model for SAP Support is designed to assist IT Managers achieve the most cost-effective way to reduce the support and maintenance cost without deteriorating the existing environment. Our services is committed to establish a high performance, and quality operation by providing reliable support processes, focused information on services, and flexibility and the ability to recognize trends and adapt quickly to technical and business needs of our customers.

Value Proposition

A-softech s has wide experiences in providing SAP application support for various organizations on a global basis covering Functional, Technical and Basis support. The following are the key value proposition of our SAP ASM offerings:

  • Dedicated Support Team: A-softech s will have a dedicated team of 50+ SAP Consultants to provide Functional, Technical, and Basis services for our customer. A-softech s constantly trains and strengthens its resource base on new versions and across all modules of SAP to keep with our customer support requirements.
  • Multiple support windows to support 24*7 support, follow the-sun support window, near shore support, remote support, and on-call support as per customer needs.
  • Commitment of SLAs: Experience of committing ASM services based on mutually agreed Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and a past record of meeting / consistently exceeding the SLAs while working on similar projects with other clients.
  • Effective Monitoring & Control: A-softech s has deployed Project Management and SLA tracking tools that encapsulates the experience of past projects. These tools help in effectively tracking the control parameters of the project, and monitor the health of the project and provide Metrics.
  • Continuous improvements: A-softech s will engage with customer to evolve, maintain and strive towards providing the expected services and continuously improving the SLAs.
  • Flexibility: A-softech s has a large SAP resource base from which any ramp-up and ramp-down will be possible as per IDC Customer additional requirements required for projects like – technical upgrade, additional functionality implementation, rollouts, etc.
  • Use of Solution Manager: We leverage tools such as SAP Solution Manager to lower the cost of support delivery and proactively monitor and manage the SAP landscape across the entire support process.
SAP Mobility

SAP is empowering enterprises to mobilize their businesses. It delivers mission-critical capabilities to mobile users by offering a wide range of mobile applications and underlying infrastructure with unmatched integration with SAP software systems for secure access to business processes, anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

With the breakthrough of this technology, Asoftech provides organization s employees, their customers, and stakeholders power to engage with information in new and innovative ways. With this industry leading technologies which can deliver extraordinary impact across organization, transforming everything from business transactions to consumer interactions.

A-softech Mobile Offerings advantage

Built for customer or industry specific i.e. Banking, Chemicals, Industry Machinery, Metals etc. our mobile technology apps helps them to liberate enterprise data, accelerate key business processes, speed decision making, and better engage with consumers for maximized revenue and sky high productivity.

  • Provide acceleration for end-to-end business processes and gain efficiencies at different level of operational activities.
  • Provide role-based apps for your line of business and industry.
  • Speed intelligent decision making and response with mobile analytics.
  • Empower employees to improve efficiency and productivity.
  • Win, retain, and entice customers with engaging apps.
  • Co innovate with SAP to quickly develop custom mobile apps.
Our offerings with SAP are:
  • A-softech Workflow
  • A-softech Sales Force which highlights the availability of daily inventory list, replenishment of stock, MRP, customer credit management and prepare RFQ with instant response .
  • A-softech Account Management who has various capabilities to provide various costing report, cash forecast, cash flow, Aging Reports, Financials sheets, Investment for top C s of the company to get rapid decisive at any time anywhere.
  • A-softech Customer Relation Questionnaire which deploys not only as a questionnaire to maintain the relationship with customer but also an integral factor for planning product enhancements.
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