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E-Invoice Latin America

Electronic Invoice is widespread in the Latin America region, where more than half of e-invoices exchanged worldwide in 2014, roughly 25 billion, corresponded to Latin America. This region has already become the most advanced in the field in the international scope, due to the fiscal control policies carried out by the different states in the region.

For some time now, a number of Latin American countries have mandated electronic invoicing compliance regulations that are dictated by taxation or government authorities for each specific country. Mexico, Argentina, and Chile s E Factura follows Brazil s Nota Fiscal Eletronica, where local government entities have required companies to replace standard paper invoices with electronic invoices.

Countries in Latin America Using E-Invoice

  • Mexico CFDI
  • Chile DTE
  • Argentina AFIP WSFE, WSFEX and WSMTXCA
  • Brazil Nota Fiscal
  • Peru E- Factura

A-Softech E-Invoice Solution Value Proposition

  • Satisfy and comply with specific country tax requirements.
  • Single IT solution to be maintained, no Extra third party solution needed to be managed
  • One Support: legal changes on ERP and eDocument service from SAP Globalization Services
  • Single monitor for multiple countries and business processes
  • Achieve cost reductions of up to 40% for interface implementation and 75% for monitoring
  • Easy adoption of compliance changes
  • Support multi-lingual capabilities

A-Softech E-Invoice Solution for SAP ERP

A-Softech has proposed a unique E-Invoicing solution completely on SAP. The e-documents are created within the SAP application modules like FI, SD and REFX using the Source documents.

There are two variants of eDocument for LATAM countries: the Basic Solution and the Full Solution, as Full Solution requires AIF and HANA Cloud Interface, it can incurs additional cost.

The processing of the eDocument when using the eDocument Basic solution is depicted in the following figure:

E-Document Solution Architecture Overview

Key Features
  • SAP Endorsed Solutions Providers
  • SAP PI Integration Capabilities with Government Entities
  • End to End Delivery of Project
  • Support multi-lingual capabilties
  • Ability to handle all SAP localization as required
  • Easy adoption of compliance changes
  • Reduce Overall IT Costs
  • Offer actualization to SAP latest compliance standardization

The Following Companies have been implemented in Peru till now for E-Invoice

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