A-Softech SAP ERP is helping us expand and transform by adding business intelligence and analytics to critical decision-making processes. We know that it will continue helping us grow well into the future. - Insurance

SAP Insurance

The SAP for Insurance system landscape offers especially large and medium-sized insurance companies best-of-the-breed solutions. It excels in the day-to-day operational needs while catering to the entire gamut of business requirements from customer-facing front-end applications to the general ledger. It offers to insurance companies a one-stop solution with standard sample content. Every component supports business requirements across line of businesses.

SAP for Insurance solutions provide the advanced claims, policy, and billing management capabilities insurers need to improve efficiency, profitability, and customer loyalty. SAP solutions enable insurers to implement best-in-class business processes, optimize reinsurance processes, and gain sophisticated functionality for statutory reporting. The comprehensive SAP for Insurance solution portfolio, together with leading business support and analytical applications, helps optimize insurance business processes.

A-Softech Advantage

Our business technologists thoroughly understand the insurance industry and will help identify compelling benefits, then accompany you every step of the way whilst sharing risk and accountability. Your performance, your consistency across all processes and operations and your agility to react to market driven changes are what we strive for. All this while keeping costs at a minimum.

  • A-Softech insurance practice, which offers deep expertise and carefully crafted solution accelerators, is a key partner for ERP vendors.
  • A-Softech maintains its own up to date systems to support all insurance organizations with associated end-to-end processes. This asset is available as a proof-of-concept solution for .
  • A-softech clients to model their future processes, accelerate product configuration, and/or assist with fit-gap analysis. This asset is also open to enhancement by partners.

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