Specialization courses for SAP by Functional Modules

Coming soon in A-Sofetech, SAP training aimed at training key users for companies. We know that in A-Softech we apply our experience of a team of professionals with SAP and Senior level certifications who not only train but also transmit experiences of their leadership in SAP implementations and their ability to manage technological projects.

Our service quality policy will guarantee a high-level training where the participant will have an instructor with professional xperience according to the module he or she trains, as well as an excellent professional career with a Senior level in the SAP platform.

A Softech will not only give you a course, we will train you in SAP and prepare you for day to day with SAP.Increase the productivity of your company and the level of your Users with SAP. Consult our corporate plans and SAP courses that we have in programming.

Characteristics of the Specialization

In A-Softech, SAP training by functional modules is developed by a team of SAP certified specialists with a high level not only of knowledge but also of demonstrable management experience in Business Solutions with SAP.

We make a difference from other training places, because we apply the profile of the instructor according to the functional module, for example, that a systems engineering specialist is linked to technical topics such as Abap and/or Basis. In the same way, a CPC counter is linked to financial modules, control management, profitability and accounting issues. Industrial engineers that apply to production and mechanical engineers that apply to plant maintenance, among others.

Advantage A-Softech

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