I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate the work you have done for us. The experience at each phase of Implementation of the SAP was superior. We are grateful for your service, support and provided suggestion to choosing an intuitive, easy-to-use base system like SAP that meets our business needs

SAP Metal Industries

The global metals industry is undergoing upheavals in its markets, supply base and macroeconomic environment. A-Softech can help drive results by developing and executing innovative strategies, improving operations and reducing risk.

The population in emerging markets is growing constantly, increasing in wealth and consumption.

Metal companies are profiting from this trend by providing products at the first level of consumption.

Value Preposition A-Softech

A-Softech is raising the bar on IT productivity and performance by evolving the industrialization mind-set of the past decade to one of intelligence for the digital era, increasing automation, further optimizing IT delivery work processes and expanding reuse of industry and company knowledge to accelerate solution delivery across the application lifecycle.

Our emphasis on operational excellence is the result of rigorous, repeatable and standardized processes, with goals and metrics that we continuously monitor.

A-Softech offers comprehensive services whose success is rooted in deep experience and knowledge of our clients’ business and industry. We collaborate to help clients define a broader spectrum of performance targets, including measurable business outcomes such as increased sales, better customer satisfaction, increased market share, higher levels of employee engagement and productivity, improved value and more.

A-Softech working with some of the leading metals companies in the world and provides a large number of industry-specific configurations and/or enhancements to core ERP functionality that enables metals companies to address their requirements.

With our enhanced, complementary offerings and a fast delivery time frame, our metals-focused approach can be aligned quickly with your unique requirements for fast results.

  • Gain high performance and low costs.
  • Identify pipeline velocity issues up front.
  • Improve sales-to-delivery performance.
  • Improve productivity and engagement.
  • Gain real-time insight into business needs.
  • Deliver accurate financial data.
  • Achieve maximum return on assets and increase margins.
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