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SAP Mining

Mining by definition is a multifaceted industry with a complex chain of operations, process intensive and strongly influenced by external factors (from weather to commodities prices). Besides these inherent challenges, I would like to introduce the A-Softech expertise to minimize the challenges that are now the center of discussion within the mining industry.

With expert consultancy for mining industry and SAP tools the mining solution can help you maximize your profitability and mitigates the information challenges.

A-Softech can deliver a significant reduction in the total cost of ownership without any significant disruption to business with the SAP mining solution which has been developed based on many years of experience in the mining industry.

Value preposition A-Softech

Due to lack of cost controls the industry shows low confidence and the fluctuations in the commodities markets makes the industry leaders awake day and night to closely monitor the effects of pricing to minimize the risks of cost. To regain the level of confidence which highly depends on the information flow and to monitor the industry cost, ASoftech provides SAP mining solutions with expert knowledge to look into all aspects of information thereby closely monitor and deliver the effective cost control.

Mining industry is a challenging one and ASoftech is the first company who is the only company who implement the SAP mining successfully in Latin America. We have the capabilities with robust services and tools to tap into this competitive business sector.

A-Softech consultancy provides SAP Mining Solution which can help your company quickly establish a platform for growth. Also with the help of SAP report tools the operational efficiency increased by 70%, in addition to this, the software package aids you simultaneously address the operational challenges and capacity constraints that mining industry could be facing during these challenging times.

Our potential benefits:-

  • Better manage commodity sales, purchasing, and transportation
  • Gain clear visibility into commodity risk and manage it effectively
  • Proactively manage operational safety, risk and compliance
  • Boost profits with better asset performance and utilization
  • Drive efficiencies through analytics, mobility, and in-memory technology
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