Training is defined for people who wish to program and develop solutions within the SAP platform. A-Softech proposes a syllabus focused on knowing, mastering commands and syntax for programming, SAP support which aims to customize the SAP to suit the organization where it is implemented. Unlike the functional part SAP FI, MM, SD, and others, ABAP is a programming language for specific needs of adjustments, new processes, reports, maintenance, etc.

About the teachers:
SAP ABAP Consultant, Systems Engineers with extensive experience in SAP platform development and support for various business areas, specialist in SAP senior level solutions with management and leadership in implementation processes, continuous improvement and process maintenance in SAP ERP.

Upon completion, a certificate will be delivered in the name of A-SOFTECH by the SAP ABAP

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SAP ABAP Training

  • A short, precise course with theoretical methodology, practice with business scenarios with their respective application.
  • Personalized learning with small groups and in a short time.
  • SAP Approach 100% practical with business cases.
  • Finalization of the proposed topic and compliance with established hours.
  • Certified instructors with extensive experience and leaders of major SAP projects in national and foreign companies.
  • The support of NBTEL, a company specializing in SAP Consulting and Solutions with strong experience in SAP ERP projects
  • SAP courses planned with established schedules, specific agendas and the seriousness of a high level training
  • Participation in calls for personnel requirements with SAP knowledge of our Clients and network of contacts.
  • Asesoría permanente durante el desarrollo del curso.
  • Asesoría post capacitación para consultas, postulaciones a puestos de SAP que el participante requiera.

Responsible for implementing various business processes in any business area with SAP ERP. System engineers, programmers, systems analysts, IT consultants, support technicians and all professionals or technicians that need to develop in systems areas and SAP projects in companies with this product. Functional Consultants of other modules that need ABAP knowledge for the leadership of working groups. Heads / System managers, key users with basic programming knowledge.

The ABAP expert is an indispensable piece in any SAP project, roll up, implementation or continuous improvements to the product. Domain of programming in a world class platform that allows possibilities not only in Peru but also anywhere in the world. Wide possibilities to learn other modules and in that way integrate to more processes in companies. Business opportunities in companies or as a Freelance Consultant ABAP allows you to know the structural part in data that SAP has. This knowledge is an indispensable tool for process improvements, information necessary for the company (reporting) and management of SAP best practices in the solution to various business processes. Add an important added value to your work, academic and professional career

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