SAP Basis - Administration and Support, forms experts in the technical part of the administration of the SAP ERP system at the operational level. It allows you to implement, manage and maintain the operating platform; in this way guarantee the adequate functionality of the SAP system. The course is prepared for the application in the day to day business with SAP, both practical and theoretical

About the teachers:
The teacher has official certification by SAP and extensive experience as a senior instructor / consultant in SAP BASIS.

Upon completion, a certificate will be delivered in the name of A-SOFTECH by the SAP BASIS

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SAP Basis - Management and Support | SAP Administration

  • Fundamentals of SAP system administration.
  • User administration.
  • System monitoring in AS ABAP and AS Java.
  • Fundamentals of AS Java.
  • Change management and software logistics for SAP Netweaver AS.
  • Configuration of integrated SAP Internet Transaction Server (SAP ITS).
  • Installation of an SAP ECC system.
  • Data backups.
  • Database monitoring.

For all those who want to enter in the SAP BASIS areas and who perform planning, implementation, control and evaluation of the ERP administration processes, as well as

  • Administrators.
  • Programmers.
  • Project teams.
  • Computer consultants.
  • business analysts TI.
  • Support technicians.
  • Managers / area managers.
  • Engineers / systems analysts..
  • General users and key users, among others.S

It is not essential to have prior knowledge; can be students or graduates c / s experience in SAP.s


  • Certificate in the name of A-Softech, as an expert user in SAP Basis - Administration and Support.
  • Study material.
  • Flexible schedules, with shifts on weekdays at night and weekends with options of different schedules.
  • Classes with small groups of students.
  • Specialization from anywhere in the world in real time.
  • Classes 100% practical and dynamic, with real cases of day to day with SAP.
  • Payment facilities.
  • Access to recorded lessons.
  • Constant support in all classes.
  • Certified Senior Instructor / Consultant.
  • Permanent connection to the original SAP Server during 24 hours.
  • Access to the SAP platform for an additional 15 days after finishing the class.
  • Access to Virtual Campus.
  • Job vacancies


  • Understand and execute the necessary processes of an organization with SAP BASIS.
  • Be competitive in the workplace and the current market with SAP BASIS.
  • Make better decisions that contribute to growth, both the participant and the organization.
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