Specialization courses in SAP by Functional Modules

SAP Business One:
Basic Workshop from Zero. SAP Business One is an accessible and easy-to-use business management software designed specifically for small and medium-sized businesses. This system allows you to control critical functions in the areas of finance, distribution, purchasing, sales, CRM, manufacturing, among others, all in an integrated system.

About the teachers:
All teachers have the official certification by SAP Business One and extensive experience as an instructor / consultant.

Upon completion, a certificate will be delivered in the name of A-SOFTECH by the SAP Business Center One From Zero Workshop.

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Basic SAP Business One Workshop from Zero

  • Introduction to SAP Business One.
  • Navigation in SAP Business One.
  • Purchasing Process.
  • Inventory Processes.
  • Sales Process Review
  • Finance View
  • Production Review
  • Implementation Process Review

Directed to professionals preferably of the careers of Business Administration, Accounting, Industrial Engineering, Systems Engineering and related.s

In the SAP Business One Basic workshop from Zero it is for all those who want to enter or are in an organization that has SAP B1 implemented, which can be:

  • Business managers.
  • Accountants / financiers.
  • Team or project leaders.
  • A. International business.
  • Industrial Engineers.
  • Programmers.
  • Computer consultants.
  • Logistics executives.
  • IT business analysts.
  • Support technicians.
  • Managers / area managers.
  • Business executives.
  • System engineers.
  • Systems analysts.
  • General users and key users, among others.
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It is not essential to have prior knowledge; can be students or graduates c / s experience in SAP.


  • Certificate on behalf of A-SOFTECH from SAP Business One Basic Workshop from Zero.
  • Workshop material.
  • Flexible hours on weekends with options of different schedules.
  • Classes with small groups of students.
  • Specialization from anywhere in the world in real time.
  • 100% practical and dynamic classes with real-life cases with SAP Business One.
  • Payment facilities.
  • Constant support in all classes.
  • Certified Senior Instructor / Consultant.
  • Permanent connection to the SAP Business One Server 24 hours a day.
  • Access to the SAP Business One platform for 15 days after completing the class.
  • Access to Virtual Campus.
  • Job vacancies.


  • Understand and execute the processes necessary to use SAP Business One.
  • Understand SAP Business One in the areas of Logistics, Accounting, Finance, Sales, Production that comprise the SAP Business One solution.
  • Make better decisions that contribute to professional growth.
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