SAP Human Capital Management

SAP HCM helps HR drive business execution with solutions that are comprehensive, engaging and flexible. With SAP HCM organization achieve profitable growth and outperform the competition by leveraging employees’ skills and talents, while giving them every opportunity to achieve their career goals. SAP HCM Optimize your HR operations across geographies, organizations, and employee types and drive your workforce strategies with true insight and confidence.

A-softech Advantage

A-softech Consultants have developed very effective methodologies for designing and implementing processes for Payroll, Talent Management, and Workforce Management etc. Our processes are the best in the industry, our tailored approach to each client create far more value for organizations than traditional sourcing models.

  • Automate employee administration, time management, payroll, and legal reporting processes.
  • Support compliance with changing global and local HR regulations.
  • Understand, evaluate, and measure your workforce's contributions to the bottom line.
  • Attract, hire, and empower the right people and make new hires productive quickly.
  • Pinpoint where your talent lies and train and cultivate your workforce.
  • Align your employees’ goals with your overall business objectives.
SAP Extended Warehouse Management

A-softech offering includes SAP EWM, an advanced warehouse management solution from SAP. SAP’s Extended Warehouse Management System controls and optimizes logistics processes across the entire supply chain and ensures higher transparency through seamless integration with the SAP ERP system. SAP EWM is a highly standardized and efficient warehouse management system for manual and automated warehouse solutions with material flow functionality that allows the direct connection of PLC-level controls. SAP EWM is integrated into the SAP ERP solution as a decentralized system. The advanced functions improve operational processes and increase transparency in the warehouse.

The high level of standardization minimizes risk of error and failure rates in daily operations, resulting in a high degree of employee satisfaction and ensuring maximum throughput. The comprehensive mobile warehouse functions (RF for mobile devices), which come standard with SAP EWM, is a compelling reason to invest in SAP EWM despite its higher price compared to the classic SAP WM solution. In addition, SAP EWM offers a complete Warehouse Management Monitor with Warehouse Cockpit option and, as a standard feature, includes material flow control (EWM-MFS) to link to automated material handling systems.

One of the main benefits of SAP EWM is its excellent integration in today’s SAP world and its ability to leverage existing SAP expertise and associated tools such as SAP Business Warehouse (SAP BW) to analyze large volumes of data in order to obtain meaningful information for sound decisions.

A-softech Advantage

  • Flexible, automated Goods movements and managing stock in your warehouse premises.
  • Planning and execution of functions are closely integrated, provides warehouses an advantage to planning functions as well as complex execution functions.
  • Capability to map all your warehouse facilities in detail, down to storage-bin level.
  • Optimize the use of various storage bins and stock movements as well as store material stocks from several plants together in random storage areas.
  • Efficiently control and optimize various warehouse processes.
SAP Advance Planning and Optimizer (APO)

SAP APO is a key component of SAP and forms a technical foundation for many SAP modules. The tool is designed to achieve high consistency in business processes, right through from order generation to production planning and improving customer service while reducing costs. It is used for SCM (Supply Chain Management) in industries.

APO is a suite of supply chain planner applications that increase overall knowledge of the supply chain and provide forecasting, planning and optimization. There are eight application levels within SAP APO: network design, supply network planning, demand planning, production planning and detailed scheduling, transportation planning and vehicle scheduling, global availability and supply chain collaboration.Another important function of SAP APO is the SCC (Supply Chain Cockpit), it provides users with a graphical instrument panel for controlling and managing the supply chain. Various department of a company uses SCC like demand planners, strategic planners and production planners.

A-softech Advantage

Our SAP APO offerings are geared to deliver solutions enables with robust project management tools, world class methodologies and solutions that maintain consistent and superior quality. This is augmented via SAP APO Propositions that help realize cost savings and generate greater values across the Planning value chain.

Our Consultants have developed very effective methodologies for designing and implementing processes for Demand Planning and Management, Inventory Optimization and ensure that your Value Chain is optimized as a Demand Driven Supply Network.

Our processes are the best in the industry. Our tailored approach to each client will create far more value for organizations than traditional sourcing models.

  • Seamless transition on support/project activities
  • Optimum onsite/ offshore mixes through intelligent allocation of resources
  • Dedicated account manager to manage the relationship to ensure best service and business-level focus
  • Sharing of best practices and tools
  • Cross-training of the account team members ensures to stay with the account for longer time
  • Adherence to SLA based pricing models to ensure ROI and drive customer satisfaction
  • Strong quality and project management processes ensure excellence in delivery.
SAP Governance, Risk, and Compliance [GRC]

Risk is unavoidable, but it can be managed. Businesses and the environment in which they operate in are constantly changing. They are unpredictable, volatile, complex and exposed to multifaceted risks.The services offered by Mann-India to mitigate the risk for the Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) assist you effectively handle the enterprise risk ensuring compliance, information protection, business resilience and assurance.

With governance, risk, and compliance (GRC), businesses can strategically balance risk and opportunity. With the help of GRC Tools which effectivelyprovide and manage compliance and risk, effectively protect value – proactively avoid risk events; reduce cost of violations and perform – actively link risk and performance management and objectives

Value Preposition A-softech

The approach of companies executes risk-balanced strategies to execute the performance across their enterprise and risk-based controls through embedded in their business processes and by managing authorizations and access to information. Mann-India with the help of GRC provides companies the insight into risk and compliance initiativesto minimize global trade violation. From financials to human resources, environmental concerns to trade management, GRC fosters efficiency.

Our professional teams of consultantswho have industry experience offer insights gained from global GRC engagements with market leaders. We have ready-to-use tools, enablers and solution accelerators, which result in mature governance, proactive risk management and regulatory compliance. This results in improved visibility and insight to proactively address your organization's business critical risks and compliance issues.

Our Potential Benefits
  • Deliver operational excellence through the optimization of controls relating to people, processes and technology
  • Reduce incident and outage costs through effective incident management and business continuity processes
  • Provide revenue growth opportunities through robust governance, risk management and business continuity management frameworks
  • Deliver organizational risk profile through detailed risk identification, analysis and evaluation
  • Demonstrate management commitment to risk management and business success for regulators and investors
  • Ensure management visibility into organizational risk stature for effective monitoring, review and improvement
  • Enable risk-aware business decisions to optimize opportunities in the face of uncertainty
  • Deliver industry-proven practices and approaches to risk management for higher organizational process maturity
SAP International Financial Reporting Standards

International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) standards are destined to become the world's common financial reporting language for investors, analysts and regulators. The overriding advantage to the participants of global IFRS adoption is enhanced comparability of like entities anywhere in the world. And for any entity, better access to international capital, funding and investment opportunities.

Without high level understanding of the business/accounting effects of IFRS the transition can't be achieved so to gain the understanding of the business there robust impact assessment phase which will be further translated into impacts on processes, systems and data. After getting assessment outcomes it should cover a reasonable level of detail, as differences that appear relatively minor could cause a significant impact. Further, addressing the collection of additional data required by IFRS should commence at the earliest stages, so that the integrity of financial results under IFRS can be assessed and improved.

Value Preposition A-softech

To leverage new and more effective ways to handle market volatility, changing law regulations A-softech drives up tounmatched breadth and depth. We provideour clients unique solutions, which are:

  • IFRS Adoption: A-softech's own IFRS transition is generally accepted as the standard for adoption, and our intellectual capital leverages this experience. Mann-Indiaprofessional know how IFRS impact the business so we can offer a unique perspective to companies interested in.
  • A-softech tools : We have various tools that accelerate to support implementation phases. Toadopt an implementation issues during its own IFRS adoption, A-softech leverage a developed toolset to smoothly overcome from the issues. This allows Mann-Indiamuch more reliable implementation partner's to offer much more than just a technical list of IFRS versus local GAAP differences.
  • Audit Assistance : We provide assistance for internal audit to map according to IFRS, so can help our clients throughout the project lifecycle without being restricted by any external rules. We can also work effectively with your professional advisors.

Despite of rivalled market leaders in SAP, we have strong belief to successfully accomplish the implementations of IFRS without disrupting the running operations and achieve excellence in financial management functions.

Manage cash and investments, and mitigate risk with treasury and financial risk management software (TRM)

Speculations on the economic stability of regions and recent recessions have reduced the liquidity of the enterprises in the market. This has increased the complexity of attaining equilibrium between enterprise liquidity, revenue streams and asset values, and financial risk for treasury professionals across the industries - all this in a toughening regulatory and legal environment.

To meet these challenges and still perform atoptimal levels, treasury decision makers wantgreater transparency and control over complexprocesses associated with managing payments,cash, liquidity, and risk. At all times,they must know where their cash is, where it'soriginating, and where it's needed.

SAP software for treasury and risk management is natively integrated to increasetransparency and control. It provides a single source of information and automatesmany critical processes, eliminating extensive manual data gathering and rekeying,duplicate efforts, reconciliation, and human errors.

Solution Overview
Payment and Bank Communications

Centralize and optimize processes – from in-house banking to corporate-to-bankcommunication.

  • Automated payment workflow streamlinesrouting and approvals.
  • Intuitive status monitoring provides visibilityinto the payment lifecycle.
  • Standards-based interfaces eliminate the needto create custom interfaces for propriety bank.
Cash and Liquidity Management

Increase cash flow transparency of working capital across the whole group andimprove liquidity planning.

  • The applications provide an overview on actualcash position per current day, the next fewdays, and weeks to come. This allows analysisof short- and midterm cash flow.
  • The Company can also pinpoint and optimize liquidity byindividual departments, subsidiaries, businesssubunits, or organizations.
Debt and Investment Management

Manage transactions and multiple financial instruments, while monitoring andcontrolling investments and risks.

  • You can rapidly tap into electronic marketplaces for commercial paper (short-term debt) to obtain liquidity.
  • Complete integration with the SAP ERPFinancials solution helps ensure accurateaccounting compliance in accordance withboth Generally Accepted Accounting Principles(US-GAAP) and International FinancialReporting Standards (IFRS).
Financial Risk Management

Identify and quantify exposure to foreign exchange, interest rate, commodity price,and counterparty risk.

  • Financial risk analytics can help determinethe effects of market risks – including interestrate, foreign exchange, and commodity pricefluctuations on revenue streams, input costs,and cash flows. Also, decision makers canpinpoint counterparty risk exposure to cashbalances across global bank accounts.
  • Effective hedging strategies can help mitigatemarket risks with real-time visibility into variousrisk positions, calculation of value at risk, andthe ability to test hedge effectiveness.
SAP Transportation Management

Companies that transport their own stock or the stock of others are coming under pressure to reduce their operational costs and take better ownership and control of their key logistical processes. This is evident in that the man­agement and reduction of transportation costs has become key focal points for numerous Supply Chain Initiatives at various global organizations.

Companies with best in class supply chains spend up to 60% less on transportation costs than those at the bottom end of the scale. The opportunities to optimize are significant but must be supported by an integrated transportation management system. SAP Transport Management (SAP TM) has been developed with this need in mind.

SAP Transportation Management (SAP TM) is a milestone innovation in an industry that is plagued with having to interface with all types of systems with no common standards. With ownership and control of the end to end logistical execution process, there is a better management of delays, freight tendering and a significant reduction in billing errors. With integration to traditional SAP ERP, there is further scope to reduce billing collection times and improve cash management. The overall result is a significant reduction in operating costs, improved customer service and a better bottom line.

A-softech Advantage
More efficient planning, execution and monitoring processes for example:
  • Management of Transportation activities i.e. inbound and outbound centrally
  • Covers modal transportation planning i.e. from end to end , multi-leg multi modal
Improved opportunities for price negotiation for example:

  • Data for forecast and actual improved
  • Tendering platform to manage the tendering process
Better customer service through:

  • Improved visibility and traceability of execution
  • Better carrier collaboration
  • Accurate costing and integrated billing
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