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SAP is Utility

SAP for Wholesale Distribution is a set of state-of-the-art software solutions for midsize and large wholesale distribution businesses worldwide. With SAP for Wholesale Distribution, companies can improve their operational excellence and profitability while supporting innovative business models and customer services.

A-Softech Advantage

With ASoftech you can:

Optimize logistics processes

Distributors can bundle orders for optimized, cost-effective delivery. Inventoryoptimization helps you achieve the best possible use of storage capacity, which significantly improves efficiency.

Improve profitability

It enables you to offer value-added marketing and sales services,such as professional Internet sales, call center management,customer information management, and repackaging according to customer specifications. You can also provide innovative services such as direct sales from trucks, direct storedelivery, and supplier-managed inventory

Enhance cost recovery

You can handle the chargebackprocess for reimbursements based on special agreementsbetween manufacturers and customers. The software handlesdata capture, subsequent invoicing, and control of chargebackagreements. In addition, capabilities for managing and trackingincentives help you forge optimal financial agreements withsuppliers

Reduce financial and transactional costs

You can offer your business partners financial services such as centralized invoicing and factoring. You can use the software for extendedincentives settlement and Web-based complaint administrationfor agency receipts – significantly reducing financial and transactional costs

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